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Soller is where we started after an acrophobic trip over a mountain pass down to the port city. We had to brave a harbor with a bit of a roll in it. Ralph and I checked the weather in the papers in Madrid airport. They mentioned "marejadas", which turned out to mean rough seas that had been generated by a passing storm. The word, if you are familiar with Spanish, does evoke a vision of unpleasant seas. Some of the photographs on the starting page for Mallorca show those seas below a cliff.

sollerpass.jpg (215297 bytes) The mountain pass we traversed to make it to Puerto Soller.

sollercliff2.jpg (242387 bytes) Looking back at the peaks surrounding the small port city.

soller1.jpg (139895 bytes) Puerto Soller.

sollerboat.jpg (139011 bytes) A typical style of Mallorcan fishing boat found all over the island.

deia1.jpg (135923 bytes)deia2.jpg (273124 bytes) A town nestled in the mountains above Puerto Soller.

sollercliff.jpg (167110 bytes) The sea doesn't look that disturbed, but it sure made us uncomfortable when we departed Soller.