Figueira Andraitx
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We landed in a very small cala on the other side of a peninsula from the town of Andraitx. A short hike led us to the town of Andraitx, where we enjoyed a feast at a restaurant that was at first too crowded to take us. Fortunately, I went back and asked if we could eat outside where a number of tables were set, but no patrons were actually sitting. They were surprised when we came back -  I think because it might have been a touch chilly for al fresco dining, and anyway, we looked a bit scruffy in our foul weather gear. But after getting over the shock they were very friendly to us and said of course we could eat outside. We ended up ordering a huge lunch, which seemed to amuse and please the waiters and mallordomos. They shrink-wrapped our leg of lamb for later in a demonstration of appreciation and reverence for food. They aren't as extreme as the French, but they definitely care about good eating in Spain.

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