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I can't remember where we left from to along the coast, but we decided we needed to see the old Spanish town of Santanyi. We thought it would be a couple of hour hike, based on information and maps. Well, it took much longer. We made some wrong turns along the way, and I'm not saying whose responsible. It took several hours. Initially it was beautiful, as we walked by small farms with sheep, pigs, and goats, and fields full of wildflowers. In the end it was a forced march to get to the town of Santanyi. When we got there we went straight to the bar in the plaza and had a couple of cold beers. The refreshing nature of those beers can't be described after the unexpectedly long hike. We redeemed ourselves by talking to the bartenders and getting direction to the best dinner we had on the trip. We asked for a restaurant that served traditional Mallorquin dishes, and we got the perfect place. A taxi took us back to port.

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