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We left Puerto Soller with cloudy, somewhat ominous weather overhead. The "marejadas" or stirred up seas were creating an unpleasant motion on board Corban. I finally lost it over the side, the second and last time of this year for me. Poor Dan has endured my occasional bouts of seasickness a number of times, as has Ralph. I felt pretty good after that, which is what usually has happened to me other than two passages to Bermuda. We reached down the rough coastline to Isla Dragonera, where we reached the lee side of Mallorca. The seas immediately calmed down, and we went on a great hike up to the summit of Isla Dragonera. We found an old villa built in the mid 1800's. I don't know how they got building material up there, or why anyone would think of living up there...

dh1.jpg (172909 bytes)dragonera1.jpg (106870 bytes)

Dan looking salty, while Bill looks at the horizon. It didn't help this time...

sollercliff3.jpg (136477 bytes) The coast we reached down to get to Dragonera.

dragonera2.jpg (97819 bytes) Isla Dragonera...

dragonera3.jpg (146281 bytes)SCANE.jpg (180122 bytes)SCANF.jpg (246162 bytes)

The water between Dragonera and Mallorca from the cliffside of Dragonera on our way up.

SCANC.jpg (295844 bytes)SCAND.jpg (373777 bytes) The villa at the top.