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Palma de Mallorca
Figueira Andraitx
Beach Cala
Figueira de Santanyi
Big Caves
Colom and Cristo

The three captains, Dan Harper (the real captain), Ralph Rodriguez, and Bill Wraith, go on another great sailing expedition. This time we had the privilege of once again being aboard Corban, Dan's exquisitely outfitted sailing vessel, to explore the island of Mallorca. Ralph and I both really enjoyed immersing ourselves in Spanish culture, language, and cuisine. It was great to be in a European setting and able to speak the language.

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We visited a number of places:

  1. Palma de Mallorca, the capital city.
  2. Puerto Soller, a town isolated by craggy peaks of rock in the northern section of the island.
  3. Isla Dragonera, a small island with a sharp peak we hiked up to find a mysterious villa on the summit.
  4. Cala Figueira, on the other side from Andraitx, where we had a wonderful afternoon feast of Spanish Paella, Mallorquin dishes, and roast leg of lamb.
  5. A cala with a beach and cliffs to explore.
  6. Cala Figueira de Santanyi, a charming fishing village.
  7. The town of Santanyi, which had my favorite restaurant for traditional Mallorquin dishes. To reach the town we hiked for hours longer than we expected, but its was well worth the effort. The town was a traditional old Spanish town, and the dinner we had there will always be remembered.
  8. An enormous cave along the shore. We anchored along the cliffs, and took our dinghy in to explore the cave. You'd never get there any other way.
  9. Puerto Cristo, and Puerto Colom. I can't remember the names of the towns at the end of the trip, but it was in this general vicinity.

Many thanks to Captain Dan Harper for another extraordinary cruising sailing experience. Ralph and I often marvel at our good fortune to share these unique adventures.