St. John River
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Son Matt joined Captain Michael, Woody, and me for a river trip down the St. John River system from Fredericksburg to Royal Kennebeccassis Yacht Club. It was a very different trip in fresh, calm water along cattle fields or in large lakes where we could sail the P. Ellen. We went swimming several times in the freshwater lakes where the water was more clear than in the river itself.

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mp_fundy03_24.jpg (256447 bytes) Woody, Matt, Bill, Michael...

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P6200063.JPG (176495 bytes)P6200059.JPG (216192 bytes)P6200060.JPG (51948 bytes) A long row to an island and then a hike to this plaque. We saw a bald eagle fly just 50 yards in front of us on our way there.

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