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Nova Scotia Passage

We've had a great start to the early New England sailing season on Chaos. Captain Michael Projansky has returned for another season and is getting the boat in top condition as we prepare Chaos for a passage to Nova Scotia. The "three captains" (Captain Dan Harper, our real captain, Ralph Rodriguez, and Bill Wraith) will once again sail a new section of the North Atlantic coast in our fourth annual North Atlantic Coast Cruise. Our first cruise was from Greenwich, Connecticut to Nantucket, Massachusetts. We spent the second and third trips along the coast of Maine. We now will venture to Nova Scotia, an ambitious but very exciting project. This year Bill Wraith, III, my dad will also join us.

Captain Michael Projansky and I have enjoyed two early season cruises so far. We are slowly working the boat out to Nantucket, our departure point for the passage to Nova Scotia. Our first cruise was from Dodson's Boat Yard in Stonington, Connecticut, the winter home of Chaos, to Sag Harbor at the end of Long Island. We had smooth water and light but steady winds. Ralph Rodriguez came with us for a perfect early season sail. We were a bit chilly but otherwise enjoyed the secret pleasures of the early season, uncrowded waters, good wind, and misty new england mornings. Michael and I sailed from Sag Harbor to Block Island to Newport on the second cruise of the season. We were anticipating bad weather, based on ominous reports of a low lurking off the south coast of Nantucket, but we were once again blessed with 10-12 kt winds and relatively clear weather. The low moved off to the east. We changed over to our 135 jib and raced into Block Island doing 7.5 kt through the water, enjoying the light air capabilities of Chaos. I managed to finally pull my camera out to catch the classic morning scenes we enjoy this time of year. We sailed into Newport, RI the next day, or should I say motored in zero wind and quarter mile visibility. We had our first opportunity to practice some radar skills...

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