Early New England 03
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I got off to a late start in 2003 due to a very painful left shoulder and a snow storm on the day of our first planned trip from Dodson to Newport via Block Island. The highlight of the season was  a wonderful trip from Newport to Nantucket with old friends Mark MacGauley and Ralph Rodriguez.snowchaos3.jpg (234065 bytes) Snow at Dodson's Boat Yard in early April.

P1010008.jpg (125971 bytes)P4290001.JPG (191739 bytes)P1010035.jpg (27470 bytes) Cuttyhunk Island.

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P4290005.JPG (254470 bytes)P1010012.jpg (130578 bytes) More Cuttyhunk.

P1010040.jpg (105657 bytes)

We went on a long walk from Edgartown to the southeastern shore of Martha's Vineyard.