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Casco Bay

This year we repowered Chaos with a Yanmar engine and saildrive. Unfortunately, Yanmar had just released a new saildrive, the SD40. It seems to have a design flaw, although it's hard to know. We have had two units fail so far and are now waiting to see if a new unit with a different propeller that is recommended by Yanmar may do the trick.

In spite of these difficulties, we managed to have a great season anyway. Michael had to pull a couple of rabbits out of hats to have the repairs made in time for our trips, but we seem to have still been on a few nice ones.

Ralph Rodriguez joined us for our first trip in Casco Bay. We visited a new spot, Quahog bay, which was a good spot for the P. Ellen. We had a touch of rough weather, so we carefully navigated an inside route to The Basin. We hid there for a day and then returned to Portland. I brought along one of my guitars, a bold move. It was a good  choice, as the bad weather kept us below decks enjoying food, wine, and a little guitar playing. The Basin was a perfect hideout from the weather. Although it was very unsettled at the mouths of Quahog Bay and the Meadows River, we were sitting quietly in The Basin in total comfort.

Brian Rotchford, the previous "Soccer Commissioner" of Harding Township, who recruited me to take his place, came along for an exploration of Eggemoggin Reach, Blue Hill Bay, and Pretty Marsh on Mount Desert Island.  We hiked into Mount Desert on the Acadia Park trails starting from Pretty Marsh. It was hot, but we were rewarded with beautiful views of Long Pond, Hodgdon Pond and Seal Cove Pond.