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My dad has been singing and playing guitar most of his life, and all of mine. He has given most of us who know him treasured memories of special times together listening to him sing and play. I grew up playing classical guitar, which doesn't have quite the same party atmosphere (OK, no party atmosphere at all), but I love it. I sometimes have been asked for recordings of my classical guitar pieces. So, here are a number of attempts to record our respective efforts. It is really quite difficult to get good home recordings, as the situation is never as relaxed or as warm as when the real thing is happening spontaneously. But, such as they are, you are welcome to play and enjoy them.

In addition to the links on the left that provide access to my Windows Media Server for playing files in Windows Media format (wma files), I've set up a separate server that makes it possible to download the same wma files and also higher quality mp3 versions I produced. The mp3 versions were created with a bandwidth of 128Kbps. You can right click on the hyperlink for any song, and then select "Save As", "Save to Target" or whatever your browser provides for saving the target of a link. You can then download the selected music file to your computer and play it there or burn a CD for yourself.

Click on the links on the upper left to visit the Windows Media Server versions. These are best if you have a lower bandwidth (modem) connection and want to play them directly from the web.

Visit my music download server if you want higher quality (128Kbps) mp3 versions you can download. You can also play these versions over the web directly if you have a higher bandwidth connection. The "wma" folders contain the same Windows Media versions that are available on the Windows Media Server. They are much smaller, which is good if you don't want to download the larger mp3 files.

Please note that the quality levels on the mp3 versions are due to my choice of bandwidths when I produced them, not because of any difference in the inherent quality of mp3 or Windows Media formats. Both formats are capable of various bandwidths and quality levels. I just happened to produce the versions in the two formats with different targets and uses in mind at different times.